Saturday, May 25, 2013

Of Being 25 - Family Unions - Matrimony and Marriages.

You get up on a Sunday afternoon only to know that there is  family get together at your place. Now, for Indians, who are around 25 and are single, this might be worst thing that could happen.  I am pretty sure that few, if not all, would know what I am talking about.  There are three things common for everyone(well, almost) at around this age.

One, everyone has that Pinki aunty who will ask you about your plans to get married even though her only son is divorced twice at 30.

Two, there is this distant relative who shall talk of how you would make a perfect bride/groom in a family get
together and laugh out the devil inside them, not knowing anything about you.

Three, everyone around  has to know what work you do, how much you earn  and when are you planning to go to 'Umrica'  and get settled.

You are seriously lucky if you are not one of those who has been there! Thank your stars for that and sympathize for the others because while you were unaware having fun, the guy/girl next door was getting a pep talk of how 25 is the best time to get married and have children? Seriously? Children? And then do what, change diapers? Thankfully I don't have to get those pep talks and sympathizing is never too tough!

But then, what I have come to understand that after 25, family unions are matrimonial page of your family newspaper. Skip them and you shall be happy!

That reminds me of a funny conversation I had with a  friend where we discussed marriage proposals.
Marriage proposals are like applying for admissions into a college - You reject some because you think you are better and others reject you because you think too well of yourself.
Irrelevant to the post but so very true in most cases!


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