Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chetan Bhagat - Boo(k)ed

To begin with, I mean no disrespect to anyone irrespective of what their opinion about the topic is. This post is only a mere attempt at humor, the lowest form of it. Sarcasm to be precise. The rest is only to forget.

It just happens that every time I hear people talking  about books and authors and how good or bad it is, I feel more than a little left out. Yes, I don't read much. Worse is the part that the ones I do read, write poetry and such. Which means that either they are not widely known and if they are, by some matter of luck (or bad luck), I shall be expected to "recite" some of their work because that is what we are supposed to do. Pretend.

Anyway, it just happens that in most of such discussions you would get to hear a few nice words for Chetan Bhagat. He is widely appreciated for the fact that he wrote a bestseller, which everyone thinks he or she could have written but then never wrote a page. The fact that a man who was no Byron or Tennyson and still got all the name he got, is a little tough to swallow. More so for the ones who read books from weird Russian authors all night and all day  for half their life. And why shouldn't they be pissed? They obviously know better about literature (By the way, I do not contend that), but then the spirits from some unknown world stopped them from writing anything. Sure they would be pissed. But then I wonder, why bash Chetan Bhagat? Is it not easier to just not buy the book and not care to read knowing that he uses more of hinglish than anything else? Obviously not. That would be the most dumb thing to do. Intelligent people would never do that. A mathematics student who knows calculus in and out (or even half of it) would sure take a 6th grade maths text book and talk of how needless all of it is. That is how Intelligent people roll. Perspective and personal opinions are so out of question that if you say you read Chetan Bhagat, that might as well be counted as nothing. Those books don't qualify as reading. (The fact that most of them literally read them shall remain just a useless fact )."Reading" as a verb shall  be used only the way the "Intelligent" people like it.

What is more annoying is that Chetam Bhagat seems to have an opinion about everything, including things which he has no idea about. You can see him almost everywhere commenting on everything. That sure is annoying. More so for those who read much more sophisticated stuff. The weird part is that everyone seems to have an opinion about how Chetan Bhagat and his opinion does not matter, and they don't fail commenting  on the same either. I am stranded as I fail to have an opinion on if Chetan Bhagats opinion matter or not.

So then, while you wasted two minutes reading this piece of garbage(that is the intelligent way of saying "crap"), the "Intelligent" species were busy praising some of CBs great literary work.

P.S - I have nothing against Russian authors or the ones who read a lot.



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