Monday, May 7, 2012

Avengers - The Non Review

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A tad too late for this one. The all talked about, all hyped, bigger than the biggest  planet saver - AVENGERS!

Now, its too very easy to summarise the whole movie. World in danger. Get them all weirdos together. Go Dishum. World lives and so do I.Straight from the world of comics this one has been tailor made for all comic book lovers.(Me included). It starts of with this cranky fellow coming out of nowhere with intentions to take control of earth using some piece of rock that is super duper powerful . The best part is his name - Loki. The name so reminds me of the green vegetable and it did make me wonder if those green slender stuff have been secretly conspiring to take over earth and change everyone into a vegetarian. Okay okay, too off course. So then, he does some woosh with magic stick to team up with some commando guy and physicist to open up the sky. Our own blue sky! That, to let some super disgusting looking things to get in and take over earth. Meanwhile all the weirdos are brought in from different places. All including, the good ole captain, the hulk, and the arrogant iron man. the god of thunder joins them to stop loki, who happens to be his brother. With conflicting egos they come up after a few tussles here there which results in loki escaping as thunder god intercepts after captain and iron man captured him. As a set up for the final battle, loki escapes and opens up a portal letting all sick things from outer space in. What follows is a lot of running around. In between , Hulk takes control slamming flying things to ground and double slamming Loki more in a Rajni way! A nuke is fired to end the war as the things just kept coming. Iron man carries that nuke into the portal while one other hot chick commando closes the portal only in time for iron man to fall back in. So the portal closes with the nuke on the other side.

Such movies are never appreciated for their unpredictability as everyone knows what happens in the end ( The World never ends. Damn 2012!) . The movie is a good watch otherwise, specially for the action comics lovers for all the action sequences and the tiny bits of Hulks humorous side.


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