Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is it Fair ?

Male 28, fair and tall , Engineer, working in a top MNC seeks a fair ,good looking girl. Preferably working.
No, that's not me , but then that is what a general ad in the matrimonial look like. Often exaggerating everything apart form the age.The point I want to bring up here is if it is fair to treat fair as good and often as a measure of beauty(like in the most generalized of matrimonial ads)? Is it true when people say that Indians are closet racists? No doubt , people with fair complexion consider themselves superior to the relatively darker people in terms of beauty (and even intellect maybe?) . It is almost tacitly accepted, that a fair person is more beautiful or maybe as some might like to put in, more seeked for.  Pick up any matrimonial ad and you will see how everyone wants fair bride and groom and how everyone tries to exaggerate their own complexion selling themselves. Colour or complexion is in many cases the basic parameter for forming prejudices and judging people in our country and it is in fact very saddening .

Blame who? The ones with fairer complexion? No! They are a victim of commercialization , and so are all others who have been made to believe that skin complexion is all that important. Companies have long enslaved the Indian market as they find us very naive and very palpable. A billion who can be fed with any sort of bullshit and made to believe in it. The onus mostly lies with Media and they don't help much with money reeking into everything. I mean look at any of the fairness cream advertisements. They have been selling the idea of how being dark makes you unsuccessful , how a dark guy cant get a girl or how a cricketer needs a fairness cream and the list just goes on.They have been selling it all, and we have been buying it just as promptly. That India sells the highest amount of fairness cream is a fact that only proves how docile most of Indians(not the darkest in the world for all I know) have been. The natural Indian complexion losing its value as some dumb shit ad says that dark skins dont get you anywhere. Become all fair and you shall float on the clouds and drink the elixir of life? All of this has been accumulating somewhere inside us and it has turned us into racists. Yes, racists. Do we want to be one? I wish not. For me, I dont and I wont.


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