Monday, August 25, 2008

lurking shadows in the room and,
the blurred glittering of light away
the smoke that settles everywhere around me
and takes my life,slowly away.
convinced that time is to come
that many come and go
those,watches and waits, are just some.
the ceiling gone blue
as the spread of a cold winter dawn.
more to say with words too few
and fewer are the ears around.
whispers go loud
and silent tears find their path
her hand not there on my head
as the world falls apart.
jolted out of reverie
by the sight of the true truth,
blurred gets darker and the smoke takes me in
realization sinks in,blinding me forever.
the dwarfing shadows around,
the trees going dry.
am i to stand and still stare?
or to run and cry.
there is more to contemplate
to search in the abeyance
the void as i see
filled with a din, that echoes,
echoes in my soul.
raising much more with it.
a question more to ask.
as time dawdles , in a sadist grin
that it poses.
and yet i smile,with pretension in intention
and there is no truth except this
i trust none,prefer to act lame.
and i wait for it to pass.
a day more and a day less
more of agony and less of same?


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