Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wings i would grow
and fly up high
fly i would,
into the whites of cloud
and the blues of the sky.
Into the rainbow,
and dance in the rain.
just for a moment to forget
my tears,voluntary pain.
Away from this world I'd go,
coz' no one cares.
somewhere, where words are meant
and not said just to be said.
All this before
it starts all over again,
someone holds my hand for while,
and then leave me in pain!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


raindrops echo loud in my head
even the heartbeat's loud and clear
a drop makes its way down my face
no feeling of pain, no feeling of fear.
i look out for a corner in the room
where i cry out loud
loud enough to make me deaf
standing all alone in the crowd.
Every face promising hope
pray for me they do,
and i walk one hand holding the other,
searching for someone to hold me too.
i gaze at the heaven above
stare to say, i am strong
and inside i cry, cry and ask,
why is everything so wrong?

just another guy

all those never ending talks

which made little sense,either to me or to her

countless times when

i was equally hurt and still apologised to her

all this, just to tell her ,i am there

to make her feel better,all this for her

but then,

i was just another guy to her!

All i thought of,

all day and all night was her.

all i treasured,

were the moments i spent thinking about her

all i ever wished

was to see her smile,

to give all the happiness to her,

but still,

i was just another guy to her!

I told her how much i loved her

I told her how much i cared

i smiled no matter what, to refrain her

from any pain i come across

but guess that all wasnt just enough

and i still am,

just another guy to her!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

still loved?

ill lead into darkness
and wait there
for my life
wait for you, to find
me there, because
u said u loved me.

Iill jump off a cliff
one fine day
with the only hope,
ull catch me
hold me,to save me
because u said u loved me.

Ill wait for my life
all for you,
just to hear
that you are there
and love me still
because u said u loved me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


someday ,
sun will be blue and
sky will be green.
someday ,
the ocean will be still
nd still roar
like it never did before
the wind will blow
away the clouds
never to bring them back
ull understand things
as they should be
and someday,
u just might know
i love you more than me!


not so alone in the alps i am
as in the dream
i saw, waiting, longing,
watching from a distance
for life to find a way to me.
arms wide open
ready to embrace,
just that there's none i find
near me wen i look
i hear them clear and loud
somewhere near me ,
just as they promised.
maybe a step too ahead
for them to reach
fantasy and reason not
always a fight
cause sometimes
they agree to a point


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