Saturday, March 15, 2008

still loved?

ill lead into darkness
and wait there
for my life
wait for you, to find
me there, because
u said u loved me.

Iill jump off a cliff
one fine day
with the only hope,
ull catch me
hold me,to save me
because u said u loved me.

Ill wait for my life
all for you,
just to hear
that you are there
and love me still
because u said u loved me.

1 comment:

abc said...


Well,the comments're for the complete collection
Jus couldn't decide kiske liye likhoon,so sab k liye ikathha hi likh rahi hoon

Never have I read anything so beautiful and never have I been touched so

Main sahi mein doob gayi thi,in the words,jus couldn't resist any of it,n felt all of it,deeply felt them

I've never actually read anything better

I couldn't actually change the window or do anything else till I'd read it top to bottom,each word of it

Itna passionately maine shayad hi kabhi kuch pada ho

Awesome work


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