Thursday, March 20, 2008

just another guy

all those never ending talks

which made little sense,either to me or to her

countless times when

i was equally hurt and still apologised to her

all this, just to tell her ,i am there

to make her feel better,all this for her

but then,

i was just another guy to her!

All i thought of,

all day and all night was her.

all i treasured,

were the moments i spent thinking about her

all i ever wished

was to see her smile,

to give all the happiness to her,

but still,

i was just another guy to her!

I told her how much i loved her

I told her how much i cared

i smiled no matter what, to refrain her

from any pain i come across

but guess that all wasnt just enough

and i still am,

just another guy to her!


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