Sunday, December 14, 2014


On the long dusty roads,
I will wait for the rains.
I will wait till everything is muddy
and then, till it washes all the pain.
I will stand all drenched, not to stop waiting
for your hand to hold mine.

For then, there will be winter
biting away my skin.
I will wait through the shivers,
curling and cuddling.
I will sit here shivering, not to stop waiting for 
the warmth of your hair.

Let the sun show its wrath
and burn down my clothes.
I will wait for the roads to go dusty 
and pierce my eyes.
I will sit all burnt, not to stop waiting for
the comfort of your arms.

Only the roads would know how much I waited,
and only my waiting would know you never came back.


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