Saturday, May 25, 2013

The art of Bullshitting - 5 steps

No! Not shitting bull and no not sitting on the bull either! Its something greater and bigger! Read on -

Art is one thing that gets associated to any form of verb that you want to associate it with.
There is an art of thinking, art of writing, art of holding a pen , and not to forget the art to talk about art. Then after all of that, there is the mother of all art, which is to say, the art of bullsh**ting.
Usually people would not associate such an art with something that anyone should be proud exhibiting ,(yeah, I agree that there are some who do respect the art of bullsh**ting) and they have their own very good reasons to try and act sane and not talk non-sense and such . In my opinion, and what might also be closer to truth, most of them would be incapable of doing such even if they wanted to.

Why do I say that it is an art? As I said, its a verb form and hence there has to be an art of doing it. After all there are not many people who can just talk over something they have no clue about and still pass as a person who knows a lot about it. But then everyone can catch up! Like all other art-forms  this can be learnt, practiced and mastered! So wheres the guide? What to do ? Ask me and you will have all your answers ;) !!!

This is not to follow my earlier post of how to be an intellectual! No! That was just another piece of my art! But then, 5 steps to master bull**itting!

1. TALK! You cant be spitting shit unless you open up
your mouth!

2. Stop pretending to be sophisticated. Boys : No girl likes you for sitting there scratching your head. And Girls : You just cant pretend, so stop doing that!

3. Laugh at jokes instead of giggling .And crack some as well. Even if you are the only one laughing at it! - Yes, you will look like a fool but then who gives a frrrruck?

4. Connect weird complicated words together. For example - sophisticated existentialism!

5. Seriously? You still reading this? All of this is plain bull*hit! Go sleep!

I am not even drunk!!


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