Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stop Rape - An Oath to Change (For all Men)

What would stop this? Who can stop this? Would 600 patrol vans change anything? Would a few more changes in law change anything? I don't think so. I don't think it will change things for the victim. I don't think it will change things for any girl who is scared to move around even in a guys company.
Yes, what India wants is capital punishment for the rapist. What India wants is a thousand candles to melt down, protests across the country to show solidarity to the fallen victim. Roses and numerous petitions on facebook and all of it. Blood boiling, angry mob, raised voices and concern everywhere.
But is that it? A few hanged, a thousand candles burnt but still thousands of such free, looking for another victim and the media glare to fizz out ?
This blog post is no good either. But then this is not a post. This is an oath I take to change.
An oath I take as a man, as a son, as a brother, as a future husband, as a future father and as a human beign.

We have blamed everyone and everything but us. From dresses to marriageable age. From alcohol to chowmein ( Really? We don't even mind sounding ridiculous to save our ego) ? All this to hide the real culprits, MEN!
It is time to take all(not some) responsibility. It is time to be ashamed of ourselves.
It is upon men to change, and act like humans. We, the male population can save the women from the horrors of living under the fear for their lives. It is not about pity but about disgust and being ashamed. We should do this for our sisters, daughters, mothers, wives and friends and more than anyone else, for ourselves. To save our gender some respect which is lost in the inhuman acts of some brainless animals. And to tell you, this is not just about rape, which is the most extreme brutal form of assault. No! This is about everyday eve teasing, lewd remarks, girls being treated as objects of sex. It is about all those men who have sat around a shop with friends and stared at girls passing lewd remarks at them. It is about all those who think it is okay to touch and grope a girl and to be proud of it. It is for all of those men who take pride in talking of women as sex objects.
And it is about all those men who did not stop their friends, or classmates, or co passenger from doing any of what is mentioned above.It is about all those fathers who did not teach his son to respect the other sex.  All those men who have not voiced themselves against objectification of women.

What do you expect out of uneducated men to do when the educated ones don't let any opportunity to sexually harass(pass comments) a women pass? What do you expect a school guy to grow into who was praised by his friends to have groped a girl in school bus ? What do you expect a college student to grow into when the number of girls you bed is a matter of pride in a group ( Roadies auditions see quite a handful of such men)? They wouldn't grow up into a gentle man for all I know.

Stand up and object. Stand up and change. Things will change only if we will change.  Stop your friends, colleagues, classmates and anyone you know from treating girls as objects of sex. Stop them from eve teasing. Stop them from making you look like an animal. Stop them from making females in your family feel insecure. Stop them to save the word "men" before it is too late. Stop them before another such rapist is born out of them.

Take the oath! Be the change! From a three letter word of shame to a real MAN!

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