Friday, October 26, 2012

Why I hate Flight Journeys

There is not much to a flight journey for me. Unlike the long, interesting train journeys, which I enjoy, I want to get over with these flight journeys as soon as possible. The fact that you have to sit at a place and that everyone around is busy pretending to be 'Oh so busy and occupied' only adds to the reason why I dont like travelling on airplanes. If all of this was not enough, there are these things that annoy me more than anything else.

1.  First, I dont understand why do the Airports have to be far far away ! To add to it they want you to reach 45 minutes before departure! For a flight at 6 in the morning, you will need to get up at 3 (or rather not sleep till then) and reach the airport at 5. People residing in Bangalore would understand this better.(I might not live in Bangalore but I do travel to Bangalore once in 6 months)

2.  People have to have to unstrap their seat belts as soon as the flight lands. As if they are expecting others to applaud their courage for being the first to do so. Or maybe they just fail to understand simple instructions that the crew repeats at least 5 times in all languages possible! Either way I think they need some help.

3.  As soon as the plane comes to a halt,  people jump off their seats ,take off their bags and stand in a line all set to get down. As if they are going to jump off the plane! I mean even Kinder-garden kids do better than that when the last bell rings. ( One reason why I always prefer window seat, so that no one bothers me so that he/she can stand in what I call the Kinder-garden queue )

4. Then, there are some who would doze off right after they take their seat and snore right into your ears! I have nothing against people who snore, or for those who sleep and I fully understand that people can be plain tired. But after all that rational thinking and reasoning that goes on in my head, my ears still cry of pain!

5. The worst part is that even though by some wild luck ( and that would be really wild luck) you happen to get a seat beside a pretty girl, the journey is too short to exchange a "hi" , leave alone having a proper conversation !

After all this, and more I still have to take flights to save time .

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