Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where Style meets Preference - Bloggers meet Bloggers

The Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Pune

Before everything else, I shall clarify that this is not exactly a review but then how do I not write about The Cafe, specially after having been there, now more than once. And for the ones who are thinking about what on earth is this post? Well, its just about the perfect way to put a beautiful Saturday afternoon, at a beautiful place having some delicious and mouth watering lunch (not to miss the desserts) with some amazing bloggers, into words.
I had the chance of meeting up some wonderful bloggers at The Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Pune. Well, as for the tagline of Hyatt, it says - "Where style meets preference", and they have sure tried to come up to their tag line.
From the long hallway walk with high roofs to the overhanging empty wine bottles shelf  in The Cafe, everything is just the way you might want it to be.  If you  intend to spend money on treating yourself, you sure want it to be some treat. I would if I am spending!
Treated like a king, to be precise.

The thing that I liked most about The Cafe is how well everything was placed. The Desserts section, which
was a visual treat in itself , right up near the entrance. Food all lined up on one side and tables spaced well enough to give everyone their own privacy and space. A wide variety of choice in their menu and a very courteous staff to add to it. These are just the things I look for in a place.

 Yes, there was plenty of talking as well and much more of food. To add, I am more of a listener which goes perfectly well when the food served is delicious. You can just keep gobbling while others talk and no one notices how much you have had. The lamb preparation (Lamb Rohan josh) was beyond the world . While I ate, people talked about Books, Literature, Arts , Authors and blogs. I would have loved to talk , but then that was a little tough a choice for me, considering the Lamb Rohan Josh was much more inviting than a talk over Amitav Ghosh . The Cafe, I knew is famous for the desserts and I would add, for very good reasons. They had a vast variety of desserts to offer.
Too bad, that I was much into lamb than into Desserts. I did taste the Mud cake though, which was good and from what other fellow bloggers said, the rest of the Desserts were just as good.
For the wonderful afternoon, and the food, and everything I would definitely rate the place very good.

I would look forward to another such meets in near future and try different menus for Lamb Rohan josh till then. :)

And just to leave you craving ;). You can thank me later.



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