Friday, May 18, 2012

Ishaqzaade : The non-review

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Ishaqzaade, the Movie!A bad remake of QSQT that is so bad that one might even fail to notice the similarity between the two. It took too much of effort on my part to even get the faintest idead  of the thought behind this epic movie.
The story is about a muslim girl and a hindu boy both belonging to political background who are all gearing up for elections. Obviously they shall fall in love but then not all that easily. They are so much agianst each other that you  almost feel for them while they fight over a few cans of diesel and a dance performer. There is pointing of gun and more of "jaan se maar denge" sorts for sometime. All before the dude Parmaa(Arjun Kapur) decides to pee on election posters of the muslim party while, Zoya (Praneeti) fumes and slaps the dude in response, asking for apology. All it takes is the guy jumping inside ladies toilet and landing to Zoyas place (where surprisingly, her brothers are all just too friendly to let him off with just few minor cuts) for the girl to go from "Kill him" to "Awww! My baby". Whaaatdaaaaaawhaat! So, all it takes is some peeing, jumping in the ladies toilet and much overacting to get the girl who would have killed him otherwise!
Before you can even know how on earth they are in love, they secretly get married . After having slept together , the dude reveals that all that love drama was only to get back at the girl and leaves the girl fuming for good reasons!
Parmaa secretly distributes their marriage snaps (hindu wedding) to get the muslim vote banks to go against the muslim party on the pretext of inter religion shaadi and all that. Zoya being the commando girl who went from  "Kill him" to "Awww! My baby" goes to Parmaas place to kill him only for his mother (Where did she come from!) to intervene and give this very wow lecture on true love.Yes, obvioulsy the commando girl ,after almost being raped,did not fall for it right away but then but then,, this is Ishaqzaade! Zoyas family members as well as Parmas want to kill her and as Parmaas grandfather fires, Parmaas mother takes the shot to save her. Parmaa does not even act for the next 5 minutes!
Then he only casually decides to follow his mothers word and save the girl going agains this own family, who now wants to kill both Zoya and Parmaa. Zoya is still all angry and wants to kill Parmaa. All till another song plays, and she is back in love! No Whaaadaaawhaat this time! That was only expected!
The climax is the best part! Zoya and Parma are chased by some 10-15 odd men. A gun battle starts where no less that 500 rounds are fired with not a single bloody hit! Trust me, I have not seen a movie where there has been so many gunshots and no one getting hit! (Noone except for the mother who only jumped in the bullets way to get hit). After a long battle and much overacting and the most pathetic lines you might ever hear, they just decide to shoot each other. Finally they do manage to kill each other and a few bullets end up killing someone ! That pretty much makes Ishaqzaade!

I will not recommend watching this one if you are paying!


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