Sunday, April 1, 2012


Within me, a man died today.
He suffered because of me,
and now I mourn his demise.
In my eyes , his pyre burns.
And disappears in the sights.
He suffered for himself,
For all he had done and
all that others thought he did.
Now, time swallows him, to finish it all.
Leaving little that was good, to miss


Kitty said...

nicely expressed intense feelings..

- N - said...

Thank you for your nice comment!

fantasy in practicality said...

it's time to unfurl his wings
explore beyond life
what insists beyond death
i, me, myself
waves resonating him in himself.....

my thoughts added to yours. hope you like it.
would love to stay connected.

happy blogging!

- N - said...

Nice! I liked the addition you made. Makes complete sense.

Shall definitely stay connected.
Thanks for your nice comment!


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