Monday, March 19, 2012

Rise and Shine

10,9,8,7 whatever and 0. Tadaaan!
Hence I unfold the folded(or should i say crumbled?).

On the wake of this wonderful day, i shall start to crib, rant, blabber and talk to myself again.
For the river that froze long ago has just melted in the summer heat.

In the words of The Poet -
Between me sleeping and dreaming,
Between me and the one in me
Who I suppose I am,
A river flows without end.

And this time, the river is wide and deep. After all this is getting all dusted up after 3 long years.
No complains!

The subscribers,if any are warned of posts that might not make any sense and rants that might just be weirder than anything else. If you ask me, I dont know if there would be just as many posts as i make it sound but then its my duty to warn!

So then..
The river shall flow
And you shall hear its sound
but not like I do.



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