Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There in Her arms

There in her arms. 
it ended right there.
more so, the beauties.
that unwinded the glory
of the love beneath.
the love, that shone and faded.
the love ,that has evaded
and i saw from her eyes
the world as she saw

i saw with her,
the hatered, that once evolved
the hatered, that i missed.
i saw it with her
in a breeze of unvarnished truths,
the loutish way of saying it all
there i read it all, in her face,
as love flourished, in me, in her.
felt the warmth that lay unsettled
the truth,when i took her in my arms,
and i loved, with my heart and soul
it started right there
There in her arms.

Note: Also read in reverse (last to first line) 


debu said...

i saw from her eyes
the world as she saw.....loved these lines most

- N - said...

Thanks debu! :)

Deeksha Sarkar said...

nice :)

Jasmeet Kukreja said...

nice concept to read in reverse and beautifully scribbled.

- N - said...

Thanks Deeksha!

Thank you Jasmeet. :)


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