Saturday, April 19, 2008

When i was six

i want to hug you,
want to sit by your side,
to hear you say,
just as i did
when i was six.
i want to tell you things,
evry little thing.,
and laugh with you,
just as i did
when i was six.
i want to sit there,
there with you,
and cry out loud
for all that i messed up
just as i did,
when i was six.
i want to do all this
so much now.
And tell you
that I Love you,
just as i did
when i was six.


nilanshu said...

this is the one i like the most :)

I love you mom.

Nasir said...

Sweet !!!

Keep Blogging!

Kitty said...

Oh so cute! lovely ! :)

- N - said...

Thanks Nasir and Kitty!

D.Nambiar said...

So very adorable.

fantasy in practicality said...

mom is the best, we love her at all ages........but yes love to say the same way as when we were just six.

nice poem:)

- N - said...

@Nambiar.. Thanks a lot. Good to know it sounded cute!

@fantasy in practicality

We sure do love her at all ages but as we grow up we forget to express it. To say "I love you Mom" becomes tough. Those are the times you want to be a child again who was just as good at expressing the love as anyone could be.

Thanks for your comment!


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