Thursday, January 24, 2008


I tear up the pages
from the book of my life
watch it fly in the air
no asking why
past my future
i care no more
dont give a damn
for whats in store
no more crying
no more complaining
i aint no kid
no-ones gonna hurt me
i aint loving ne-one
no more toying
no more of this
its done frm my side
im gona live my life!

1 comment:

yeor said...

y is it tagged "done"?

it just getting started , fliping torn pages in air , just to feel the zing .

fly low insted of driving high :d

boi'd are considered rude , for not replying n giving consent to every single amn thing
being mute n wating the things flow have it's own fell

welcome to the world of silence

ur's truly


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